An experience healthcare executive, Sue has a unique understanding of how the system works and why single payer should be our ultimate goal.


Since founding her business, Sue has helped brings millions of dollars of economic development money into the region retaining and creating hundreds of jobs.


New approaches. New perspectives. New ideas. They've always driven Sue in everything she's done and will forge innovations in the way she approaches government and policy.

Ensuring Affordable and High-Quality Health Care to all Americans

Sue believes that ever American should have the right to affordable and high-quality health care. As an executive at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh, She worked with New York Congressional leaders to expand health care in a fiscally responsible manner. As a congresswoman, Sue will vote to expand health care – not take it away. She will also work vigorously to stop the unprecedented and unsustainable increases in prescription drug prices including negotiating lower prescription prices for Medicare.

Single Payer: Working in St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital for fifteen years, Sue witnessed firsthand the importance of having quality health care coverage. This is why she is a proponent of a single-payer health care model. Instead of voting to cut health care subsidies and take away health care from millions of Americans – as John Faso has done – Sue will work to build upon the successes of the Affordable Care Act. This includes lowering prescription drug costs, expanding Medicaid to low-income areas, and giving government flexibility to negotiate health care expenses on behalf of all Americans.

Opioid Epidemic: Sue recognizes the acute suffering that the opioid epidemic has inflicted on our communities, particularly here in the Hudson Valley. Across all counties in New York State, Sullivan County and Dutchess County have among the highest mortality rates due to drug overdose. Sue believes that expanding funding to primary care providers, partnering with law enforcement to fight drug trafficking, and finding incentives for doctors to not over prescribe addictive pain medicine are all commonsense solutions to reducing the drug-related mortality rate in our district.

Veterans: Our veterans and their families deserve the utmost respect for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our country. This is why Sue will work with the veteran communities in the district to overcome the biggest barriers they face to high-quality health care and well-paying jobs. She will also be a staunch advocate for all active-duty service members, and make sure that their health benefits are comprehensive and efficiently provided.

Restoring Job Growth & Economic Opportunity

Sue knows what our district needs to drive job growth and rebuild our local economy. As a small-business owner and nonprofit director, her experiences make her uniquely qualified to serve our local manufacturers, famers, and small business owners in Congress. She knows that too many middle-class families have seen their jobs shipped overseas or wiped away by automation, forcing households to cut back and give up on their chance at achieving the American Dream. Sue’s number one priority is to bring jobs back to the Hudson Valley and her plan includes supporting small businesses and agriculture, reforming the tax code, and investing in clean energy jobs.

Small Business: Simply put, supporting our economy means supporting our local business owners. Sue will be a pro-business advocate in Congress and will look for ways to reduce the tax burden on small businesses, increase access to credit, and offer job training opportunities to new and transitioning workers. She will also continue to build public-private partnerships in local communities to attract new entrepreneurs who can stimulate our economy and put more people back to work.

Living Wage: As a single mom, Sue understands the importance of jobs that can pay the ever escalating cost of prescription drugs, the cost of college or a technical education and childcare.  She will work hard to help create good-paying full-time jobs through prioritizing small business and entrepreneurs instead of giving tax breaks to special interests.  She will fight to ensure a living wage for all Americans and make sure that all those Americans who earned a pension, Social Security and Medicare can fulfill their dream of retiring in dignity.

Taxes: Middle-class families in New York State pay among the highest taxes in the country, while the richest one percent exploits the system by taking advantage of loopholes and deductions. Sue believes that it is time for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations to pay their share, and will work to simplify the tax code and to make it fairer and more efficient.

Environment & Clean Energy: Our district is blessed with beautiful parks, lakes and mountains, and stands out as a national leader in green power and environmental sustainability. As a former director of the Mohonk Preserve in Ulster County, Sue knows what it takes to preserve the integrity of our environment for future generations. She also recognizes the potential for new growth via clean energy and will work with various partners in the district to generate new opportunities for green energy production.

Investing in Education

Sue comes from a family of educators and is a proud product of New York’s public education system. This is exactly why Sue will be a fierce defender of our nation’s public schools, and will not vote for legislation that slashes federal funding for our neediest students. Instead, Sue will take an outcomes-driven approach to education, focusing on pre-K, K-12, higher education and continuing education.

K-12: Thanks to talented teachers and committed taxpayers, New York State has some of the strongest public schools in the country. However, we must do more to attract new teachers, support low-performing schools, and ensure our youth have the resources they need to succeed. As congresswoman, Sue will continue to fight to fund public schools and libraries and oppose legislation that seeks to undermine these institutions.

Higher Education: One of the biggest concerns families face is how to pay for their children’s college education. Sue believes that no family should be prevented from attending college because of his or her financial situation. As congresswoman, Sue will work to expand Pell Grants, simplify the FAFSA application process, offer federal loans with cheaper interest rates, and continue to supply our SUNY schools with the resources they need. She will also investigate for-profit institutions that exploit thousands of students through marketing scams, leaving them in burdening debt.  Sue strongly supports Supreme Court-approved affirmative action policies that have successfully diversified colleges and universities across the country and given students and their families a ladder to the American Dream.

Community Colleges: Sue believes that combining classroom learning and on-the-job training is a vital element in galvanizing economic growth by training workers for the jobs that actually exist. Giving employers a role in developing the curriculum and providing on-site experience and other educational opportunities insures that Americans graduating from community colleges, technical schools and other training programs have the tools and skills they need to get a job and succeed in that job. To this end, Sue strongly supports investing in partnerships that allow for paid training programs so that Americans acquiring new s=kills can also support a family, an essential element in America’s changing economy.